Aaron – Football and Fishing

Aaron finished up his first year of flag football in style. His skills improved dramatically and he became much more confident and aggressive during the short season. Here are a few highlights of the last couple of games:

Aaron going against "the wall" (and the coach).

Form and concentration.

Sweet success.

Aaron gets a nice "tackle" with his tongue out (stupid coach in the way).

Another flag!

There were two plays left in the game/season. The first one was a pass to Aaron. With little 7 year old dudes, you need at least two miracles to successfully complete a pass play: 1) the kid throwing the football makes an accurate pass to the receiver and 2) the kid who is the receiver actually catches said pass. In the second to the last play, Aaron catches the pass

and gets taken down.

Now on the last play of the game, they ran another pass play to Aaron.

Touchdown! Nice job Aaron.

Now on to fishing! We fished for the first time this year on July 5. Between crappy weather and our schedule, it was pretty late in the year for our first outing. Aaron, Tori, and I headed out the the river. We only caught one fish, but it was a nice one.

A brown, 24 inches and just over 6 pounds.

Aaron and I went out again yesterday.

Aaron’s fish is just over 3 pounds. The one I am holding is about 25 inches and weighs almost 7 pounds. In total, we caught 8 fish and all of them very nice sized (2 of Aaron’s were carp, ugly buggers). We had a great time, we were gone for a couple of hours and we had a ton of action and all the fish were large. It was one of those days when you knew you’d be done when you ran out of worms.

We also had a birthday this last week (Chris). She turned, well, I guess I better not say. Her dad came down and so did my parents and 4 of the Hancock kids. We had a great time playing bocci and spending time together. Alanna and Aaron loved having the Hancocks down. They play very well together and have a great time.

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